Update #11: Social entrepreneurship, bamboo seedlings, and friendships

It has been a while since we updated you. That doesn’t mean nothing has happened. In fact, A LOT has happened. We are happy to share the latest news with you here:

First successful propagation

An important part of our project consists of our propagation station. This is the place where we use bamboo plants (called “mother stock”) to create new bamboo seedlings. By having our own propagation station, it is easier to scale our project and to be completely self sufficient, as we don’t depend on the market availability of bamboo seedlings.

We have successfully propagated the first bamboo plants in the past weeks. Our goal is to reach 100,000 seedlings by the end of the year and 500,000 seedlings in 2020. Part of those seedlings will become available for sale (as an additional revenue stream for our project), the other part will be used to plant on own fields for carbon footprint compensation.

Bamboo plantation

In our last update, you could read how the founder of Bamboo Village Uganda, Henri Potze, personally planted the first bamboo plant on our field. That was such an exciting moment! Since then, we have planted bamboo on 7.5 hectares. We expect to plant an additional 2.5 hectares in the next weeks, reaching a milestone of 10 hectares of bamboo before the end of June!

New team members

With so many bamboo to be planted, it’s important to do things in a right way. Even though bamboo is a specie that needs relatively little maintenance, both propagations and cultivation needs to be done properly to get the best results. That’s why we are so happy that Martha has joined our team! Martha is our cultivation specialist and knows everything you need to know if you want to grow bamboo in a proper way.

Martha is not the only one who joined our team. We partnered up with the Make 12.4% Work Initiative, a wonderful organization that opens employment opportunities and programs to people with disabilities. The 12.4% refers to the percentage of the Uganda’s population with disabilities. We are very happy that we can offer Maureen and  Mary a place in our team as field workers. They both have a hearing impairment. Including them in the Bamboo Village Uganda project brings us a step closer to an important goal: fair job opportunities for everyone.

Friendship program

Our friendship program continues to grow. We have welcomed Van Nifterik, Fair Flora, Greenhouse Marketeers and World Horti Center as new “Excellent” friends since the start of the program. The friendship counter is approaching the magic 50! It’s amazing to see that so many people and companies join the friendship program. Read more about our program here. Will you help us reach the 50 friends?

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn for more regular updates!

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