Update #3 – Fachjan compensates 1,9 million kilos of carbon by planting bamboo

We are thrilled to announce that Fachjan is joining our fight against climate change and poverty. The innovative Dutch grower of tropical plants will compensate a whopping 1,9 million kilos of carbon by planting bamboo at Bamboo Village Uganda.

This huge contribution enables us to grow more than 7 thousand square meters of bamboo. It’s a dream start of our project and we are very thankful that Fachjan is taking their sustainability yet again to another level.

Sustainability at Fachjan

Fachjan is a company where a passion for plants is combined with love for people and planet. Sustainability is a key aspect of this family business, which is part of the expanding community of Fair Flora growers. Fair Flora plants are grown by horticulture companies that continuously demonstrate their efforts (and achievements) to work as sustainable as possible.

Carbon footprint reduction

Fachjan not only compensates its carbon footprint, the company also successfully achieves to reduce it. The 57 thousand m2 greenhouse of the grower is heated by geothermal energy and the roof is covered by solar panels, hugely reducing the amount of fossil fuels needed to power the greenhouse. The hyper-modern irrigation system significantly cuts down the amount of water used to grow the plants.

Read more about the sustainability initiatives of Fachjan on the website of Fair Flora or on the Fachjan website.

Does your company want to contribute to a greener planet and better lives for people in Uganda too? Read more about the possibilities on carbon footprint reduction and carbon footprint compensation with Bamboo Village Uganda here.