Our story

About us

Bamboo Village Uganda is a project with love and respect for both people and planet. Born as the brainchild of Dutch entrepreneur Henri Potze and developed by a team of caring, hard working experts who all share the same goal. We want to create a safe and meaningful life for EVERYONE on the planet, now and in the future, while respecting the Earth’s natural boundaries.

Our mission

Bamboo Village Uganda was founded with the goal to fight both climate change and poverty. By planting and growing bamboo, the greenhouse gas CO2 is absorbed, decreasing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, which is causing global warming.

Our bamboo nursery is a direct source of the creation of long term jobs, such as nursery and field managers, bamboo specialists and drivers. In addition, once the bamboo is harvested, it creates additional job opportunities for those who turn the bamboo into products. The bamboo grown on our plantation is not only used to create products. We use the bamboo to build safe and sustainable homes.

Compensate your carbon footprint

With your help we can develop Bamboo Village, combat climate change and improve the lives of people in Uganda.

Work for us

Please contact us to get informed about our current job openings.

Become our friend

We offer several friendship packages that contain benefits such as footprintcalculations and carbon compensation.