Due to the circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus, it has taken a while since you received updates from us. But at the moment, we are working on all kinds of great projects that we would like to tell you about.

Fortunately, the growth of our plants has not been affected by the coronavirus. The propagation is going well: by the end of this year, we will have 100,000 bamboo plants. There is still a lot to do at the nursery so our colleagues keep working hard. The BVU team is happy, and not to mention: more and more Co2 is absorbed from the air!


Study shades Campus Kaliro

We are working on the construction of 10 ‘study shades’ for the campus grounds of the University of Kaliro. These 100% bamboo structures provide shade for students to be able to study. Bamboo Village Uganda is now the only one in Uganda to master the technique of bending bamboo, and we are very proud of that.

The construction of our second bamboo house

We are very excited about the fact that in a few months we will start building an eco bamboo house for this family in Entebbe, for the Nodrine family with 12 children. It will be the second house build by Bamboo Village Uganda, that is completely made out of bamboo. But unfortunately, we aren’t there yet. Because the corona crisis also hit Uganda hard. Partly because of that, we are still 7000 euros short for the construction of the second Children’s house. Without that money, the construction will have to be postponed. And that means no steady and safe home for these children, which is extra important in times like these.

Read more on this page about how you can help to realize the construction of the Children’s house.

Bamboo Village Holland

An interview met Jan Pieter Hooft

You may have already seen that this month the first steps have been taken to start Bamboo Village Holland. We recently planted five types of bamboo on the SuikerTerrein in Groningen, together with TerraStart students, Gebiedscoöperatie Westerkwartier and Hooft Hoveniers. It is now being tested how bamboo grows in Groningen.

We spoke to Jan Pieter Hooft of Hooft Hoveniers about the plans for Bamboo Village Holland:

What exciting kinds of things are planned for Bamboo Village Holland?

“We are currently still in the initial phase, which can still move in all directions, but a lot of interesting ideas and plans have already emerged. For example, we probably have the possibility to plant 10 hectares of bamboo at the farm of the prison in Veenhuizen. Inmates will be given the opportunity to take care of the maintenance, cultivation, and propagation of the plants.

We are also thinking of setting up a bamboo experience center that offers space for recreation and education about bamboo. This center will be located in the beautiful garden of Frederiksoord, where the Horticultural School used to be.”

How do you see the future of the projects?

“Of course, I expect that in the future the 10 hectares of land at the prison farm will be full of bamboo! The bamboo plants offer all kinds of new opportunities, for the clothing industry, for instance. We would like to make bamboo fibers, which are perfect for making clothes. We also want to use bamboo as a material for fences and garden items, for example. Besides, we want companies and individuals to be able to offset CO2 by contributing to the planting of bamboo in the Netherlands. Hopefully, the plans will start in spring!”

New designs Bamboo Village

There are new designs of the Bamboo Village that we would like to share with you! The images show a church that can accommodate about 500 people, a power plant with solar panels, a camping area for tourists, workplaces where bamboo products can be made, playgrounds, restaurants, and shops where bamboo products can be sold. And of course, almost everything is made from bamboo.