Update #7: finishing the first greenhouse and water tower

We are back with a short update. And it’s a very happy one! We have finished the first greenhouse and water tower. We have worked really hard to finish everything in a fast and reliable way.

The greenhouse enables us to nurse the bamboo plants until they are big enough to be planted in the field. In the next couple of weeks, the greenhouse will be filled with new bamboo babies, we can’t wait to watch them grow!

Our water tower, needed for steady and sustainable water supply is also finished!

The next project we will sink our teeth in, is the shadow hall. We are making good progress here as well and should be able to update you shortly.

First customers

We are receiving a lot of messages from people interested in the project, which is so amazing. Remember that you can join us at any time. For as little as €5,34 you can already support us with 1m2 of bamboo! The more we are, the more bamboo we can plant to fight climate change. It’s also fantastic to see that the first curious neighbours and customers came to take a look at the project.

Bamboo Village Uganda was not only founded to battle global warming, we also aim to create sustainable and fair paid jobs. That is why the bamboo is partly used to create beautiful products, that we sell in our webshop, but also in and to the local community.

That’s it for now. We’ll be back soon!


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