Our BVU Concept Center in Kampala is already in full use. There are currently 9 entrepreneurial souls living and working in the Center, who use the space to grow their own business.

The current occupiers include Drake and Calvin, who are running their own clothing line called MZuri (read more about their work in this press release!) and Ezra, who is still busy thinking up cool new bamboo products.

Simon is also a regular at our Concept Center these days. He is a whiz with machines of all sorts, including the banana paper machines. He even gives training sessions on how to use those machines in Mauritius!

Jackie is working on a business plan for a BVU Bed & Breakfast. In addition, she offers bamboo massages: a massage where everything – from the bed to the tea – is made from bamboo. Cool, right?!

BVU Propagations has moved

Our nursery has moved to a larger plot in Entebbe. Our team is happy with the change: more space, good food twice a day, and … better greenhouses! Protection against the burning Ugandan sun is not a luxury for our plants and employees.

Propagation of the bamboo is going well: 35,000 plants have already been grown, and we are starting to ‘split’ the cuttings into several plants this week. The goal is to cross the threshold of 1 million plants by the end of 2020. This is also necessary – the demand for bamboo cuttings in Uganda is skyrocketing!

Check out the first bamboo eco house!

The first eco bamboo house is nearly ready! The family will be be able to move in by the end of March.

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