Bamboo Village Uganda is built on respect for people and planet. We are so excited that we have been able to achieve so much in just one year! Here are the latest updates from Uganda:

The opening of our first BVU Concept Center

The official opening of the first BVU Concept Center tool place last week. This was our first BVU friends project, and we’re so proud that we have reached this goal. This would never have been possible without the support of our BVU friends. Read more about the next friends project below.

The opening was a great celebration, and was even attended by a real prince! Prince Daudi Makobore of the Hororo people to be precise. A huge honour of course! All the neighbours came to meet the new faces in the neighbourhood, and the garden quickly turned into one big playground.

What ultimately matters, of course, is what we are going to do at the Concept Center! It feels so good to finally have a central place for all our BVU colleagues. This makes it easier to collaborate between, and mutually support, all our projects. Among other things, the Center will host office and training spaces, and a showroom for all our BVU products.

The nursery is growing

There is more and more work at the bamboo nursery. Because of this we have been able to hire two new Ugandan employees! We are excited to introduce Brenda and Esther. They will be strengthening our team as production assistant and nursery attendant.

We are already heading towards 50,000 bamboo plants, with the aim of exceeding 1 million by next year. To scale up production, our Propagations team is experimenting with different techniques. For example air layering: soil is bound around each internode, which triggers the stem to start growing roots (like you can see in the picture above). After a while, the stem can be cut into sections, each with their own roots. Each section can then keep growing as a separate plant.

The Village is taking shape

BVU strives to create a safe and healthy living environment for everybody. In addition to jobs we will also offer accommodation in the Village in Nakasongola. The first designs are now ready! Below is a sneak peek – check out the full Village Masterplan here, designeb by the talented architects at BKVV.

As you can see in the masterplan, the village will get a beating ‘heart’. The building at the centre of this heart will be a church and community centre. This gives the residents the chance to come together and create a real community.

The next Friends project

2019 revolved around the BVU Concept Center. Now it is time to look ahead to 2020…

Our next friends project is the church/community centre in the BVU village. This project will cost around €75,000. Do you want to contribute to this project directly? Become friend for 2020, or why not give BVU friendship as a Christmas present?

Do you have good ideas for a fun collection campaign? Let us know!

The eco bamboo house is getting built

The first load of bamboo poles for the eco bamboo house has arrived! Aside from the fact that it will be made from bamboo, the house will boast several sustainable components. It will be fitted with solar panels, an eco toilet and an efficient cookstove that runs on pellets made from cacao and coffee bean husks. Watch the stove in action:

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn for more regular updates!