The summer is over, and it’s time for another update! It may have been quiet on the website, but we definitely have not been idle in the past months. Here are some exciting developments:

First BVU Friends Meeting

We held our first BVU Friends Meeting at Koppert Cress in Monster, The Netherlands. The goal of the evening was not only to update our friends on everything that we have been working on at BVU and present plans for the future, but also to get to know each other and explore how we can all inspire and support each other. It was incredibly energizing to come face to face with so many inspiring people with the common goal of building a thriving community in Uganda and lowering our carbon footprint..

The aim is to have a Friends Meeting every year, so watch this space!


It’s official: we have more than 100 friends! Our friends have more than doubled since our last update, and we could not be more excited and humbled by the support of so many people and companies. Their support means we can keep planting bamboo, but also and provide seed money and training for local entrepreneurs (check out some of the locally produced items in our shop). Our next goal for this year is to build the BVU Concept Center. Interested in becoming a friend too? Read more and sign up to our program here.

Projects projects projects

BVU keeps expanding as new opportunities and business ideas arise. At the BVU Friends Meeting we presented no less than 10 projects! Some will be familiar to regular visitors to this site (the bamboo propagation farm, the plantation, the Village), and some were newly revealed. Check out the latest BVU Friends newsletter for a quick overview of the ten projects. Interested in getting involved? Let us know!

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn for more regular updates!