Welcome to Bamboo Village Uganda

Our village is located in the Nakasongola district, in the central region of Uganda. It’s about 125 kilometers from Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

The Nakasongola district has a population of approximately 125.000 people (2018). The main languages are Lururi and Luganda.

Many inhabitants of Nakasongola work in agriculture. Crops such as cassave, sweet potatoes, bananas, cotton and coffee are common in this area.

With your help we can

  • Build 200 safe and sustainable homes

  • Construct a medical centre

  • Open a supermarket

  • Send kids to school

  • Build a church

  • Start craftsman shops

The future vision

One pledge, 3 benefits

Fight global warming

Compensate your carbon footprint by buying your own bamboo

By planting bamboo you are offsetting your CO2 or carbon emissions, the most important greenhouse gas that is causing global warming.

Give families a safe home

Let us construct sustainable bamboo houses

We use the bamboo to build safe and sustainable houses for the most vulnerable people in Uganda. Bamboo Village Uganda will host up to 200 families.

Improve lives in Uganda

Help us to create job opportunities for people in the Village.

Your contribution directly creates job opportunities. We train and employ local people at the bamboo plantation, pay them a fair salary and provide them with 2 good meals a day, prepared by local chefs. And the bamboo that we grow is used by our talented bamboo entrepreneurs, who turn them into beautiful products!

Bamboo Village Uganda


How many people are living in the village?

Bamboo Village Uganda is under construction and growing. We will be able to host up to 200 families in the future.

How does Bamboo Village Uganda use my contribution?

Your contribution is used to plant and grow bamboo, to pay a fair wage to our team members, to turn the bamboo into construction materials, to build homes for the most vulnerable people, to create necessary facilities in the village, to train employees, and so much more. In our regular updates, we keep you posted on how we use the contributions that we receive.

Can I volunteer in the village?

We are working on that! One of the most important aspects of Bamboo Village Uganda is to create job opportunities for the local people. However, we believe that by joining our team as a volunteer, you also contribute to the community, as you will need a place to sleep and eat. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated when volunteering positions open up.

Can I visit Bamboo Village Uganda?

Yes! We believe in transparency, so everyone who wants to visit our project is welcome. Contact us here for more information.

Do you have any other question? Don’t be shy to contact us!