Update #1: beautiful bamboo products and more

It’s time for our very first update about Bamboo Village Uganda, how exciting! Last week, Henri made a visit to Uganda. Here’s what happened:

Meetings with local craftsmen who work with bamboo

Bamboo Village Uganda - Bamboo turned into products - local craftsmen workplaceBamboo is an excellent source to create long lasting and beautiful products. During the project visit, we met with several inspiring entrepreneurs who turn bamboo into products. We visited their workshops, where they explained us how they work, and showed us how they make their products. It’s inspiring to see the knowledge and passion the craftsmen have for their products.

A visit to the bamboo plantation

We traveled to the bamboo plantation. We interviewed several of our project members, such as nursery manager James:

We checked the status of the ground, where the bamboo will grow. Everything is in good condition!

Catching up with Uganda Bamboo Association

A visit to Uganda without a visit to our wonderful partners of Uganda Bamboo Association is impossible. We had the chance to meet with several owners of (web) shops with beautiful bamboo products and photographed many of those products.

Bamboo Village Uganda - Henri Potze - Uganda Bamboo Association Bamboo Village Uganda - Uganda Bamboo Association

That’s it for now. We’ll update you again soon!