Update #8: Shadow hall, bamboo houses and an international meet-up

In our previous update, we shared the news that we would start working on a shadow hall. Shadow halls allow us to reduce the amount of light and heat on extremely sunny days, so the little bamboo plants won’t burn. And we have good news: the shadow hall is finished! We are excited to share the result with you:


Together with our sustainable irrigation system from Futurepump, our water tower and our greenhouse, we have all the tools we need to efficiently grow as much bamboo as possible.


International team meet-up

At the moment of writing this update, our team members Henri and Christina are traveling towards Uganda. They will meet up with our Ugandese team members to discuss the progress of the project and will create valuable connections with entrepreneurs and organizations in the area.

Bamboo house design

One of our goals is to use the bamboo that we grow to build sustainable houses for people of the Nakasongola district. Christina and Henri will have meetings with architects this week. Hopefully we can start drafting a first design soon. Needless to say, we’ll share a sneak peek as soon as possible!

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Update #7: finishing the first greenhouse and water tower

We are back with a short update. And it’s a very happy one! We have finished the first greenhouse and water tower. We have worked really hard to finish everything in a fast and reliable way.

The greenhouse enables us to nurse the bamboo plants until they are big enough to be planted in the field. In the next couple of weeks, the greenhouse will be filled with new bamboo babies, we can’t wait to watch them grow!

Our water tower, needed for steady and sustainable water supply is also finished!

The next project we will sink our teeth in, is the shadow hall. We are making good progress here as well and should be able to update you shortly.

First customers

We are receiving a lot of messages from people interested in the project, which is so amazing. Remember that you can join us at any time. For as little as €5,34 you can already support us with 1m2 of bamboo! The more we are, the more bamboo we can plant to fight climate change. It’s also fantastic to see that the first curious neighbours and customers came to take a look at the project.

Bamboo Village Uganda was not only founded to battle global warming, we also aim to create sustainable and fair paid jobs. That is why the bamboo is partly used to create beautiful products, that we sell in our webshop, but also in and to the local community.

That’s it for now. We’ll be back soon!


Update #5 – Greenhouse, BVU Start-up Academy and new office

Time flies when you are growing bamboo. Only 1 month has passed, but we have so much to share.

Launch BVU Start-up Academy

Bamboo Village Uganda was created to fight global warming and to create job opportunities for the people in the Nakasongola district. There are so many talented craftsmen and women who know how to turn bamboo into beautiful products. In order to help them to start their business, we have created the “BVU Start-up Academy”, where we will help entrepreneurs to start-up and grow their own bamboo business. We provide financial support and offer guidance for product selection, sales and marketing. Our first participants in the BVU Start-up Academy are Drake and Ezra. We will keep you updated on their progress.

Greenhouses and bamboo plantation

We have made excellent progress here. We are constructing shadow halls, finishing the greenhouse and we are draining the ground. Everything that is needed in order to guarantee a good growth of the bamboo plants. With almost 2 million kilos of CO2 to be compensated so far, we have a lot of ground to cover (literally!), it’s amazing to see how the project is developing.

New headquarters in The Netherlands

New year, new office! Bamboo Village Uganda moved to the World Horti Center. The World Horti Center is the leading innovation center of the international horticulture sector and sustainability is an important part of the daily activities. It’s a great place for us to share our story and to find partners for our mission. Feel free to contact us for a visit.

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