Update #8: Shadow hall, bamboo houses and an international meet-up

In our previous update, we shared the news that we would start working on a shadow hall. Shadow halls allow us to reduce the amount of light and heat on extremely sunny days, so the little bamboo plants won’t burn. And we have good news: the shadow hall is finished! We are excited to share the result with you:


Together with our sustainable irrigation system from Futurepump, our water tower and our greenhouse, we have all the tools we need to efficiently grow as much bamboo as possible.


International team meet-up

At the moment of writing this update, our team members Henri and Christina are traveling towards Uganda. They will meet up with our Ugandese team members to discuss the progress of the project and will create valuable connections with entrepreneurs and organizations in the area.

Bamboo house design

One of our goals is to use the bamboo that we grow to build sustainable houses for people of the Nakasongola district. Christina and Henri will have meetings with architects this week. Hopefully we can start drafting a first design soon. Needless to say, we’ll share a sneak peek as soon as possible!

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