BVU develops bamboo clothing line

Bamboo Village Uganda (BVU) is launching its own clothing line. The clothes are made from bamboo fibers under the name MZuri, which means beautiful or great. Anyone who buys the clothes fights against global warming and contributes to the construction of sustainable homes.

Bamboo Village Uganda is a Dutch initiative that strives to offer a safe and meaningful existence to everyone, now and in the future. By planting bamboo in Uganda, CO2 is absorbed, so that less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. This contributes to combating global warming. But the plantations are also a source of employment in the form of bamboo specialists, field workers and plantation managers. Extra jobs are also created for creative entrepreneurs who use the bamboo to make products.

180 degrees differently

One of those products is clothing. “Bamboo Village Uganda is a special company that does everything 180 degrees differently than others,” says initiator Henri Potze. “The sustainable clothing line that we are currently developing is a good example of that. By planting bamboo we compensate the CO2 emissions of companies. With the launch of our own clothing line, we now also give the bamboo itself a valuable destination. The clothing is made by combining bamboo fibers with recycled material from existing clothing. This creates a completely sustainable product. And the first products look great!”

Bamboo villages

Consumers who buy MZuri’s clothing will therefore contribute to a better climate. But they also finance the construction of bamboo villages around the world. These villages are built to give local employees of bamboo plantations and their families a high-quality and safe home. The houses are made entirely of bamboo according to Dutch design. The first bamboo village is being built in Uganda, but more villages in other parts of the world will follow. Bamboo will also be planted in these places for CO2 compensation. The fibers can then be used in clothing, among other things.

Potze says that the production of bamboo clothing will start in March 2020. “There are still discussions with various parties about the sales and the channels that will be used for this. More information about that will follow later.”