BVU Concept Center

The BVU Concept Center in Kampala was opened in November 2019. This was our first friends project, and an important milestone in our journey.

The aim is to build many more Concept Centers throughout Uganda to support and train local entrepreneurs, and promote sustainable bamboo business.

The Center has space for:

  • Offices
  • Training/meeting rooms
  • BVU products showroom
  • Workshops
  • Living quarters for employees

The BVU Start-up Academy

The BVU Concept Center is home to our Bamboo Start-up Academy.

The Academy supports bamboo entrepreneurs with product development, marketing and sales training, so they can turn their product ideas into profitable and sustainable businesses.


The Start-up Academy offers training to Ugandans in:

  • Bamboo crafts
  • Organic fibers
  • Bamboo construction
  • Bamboo cultivation
  • Administration
  • Sales
  • Marketing


The Academy helps local entrepreneurs to develop their own business. The Concept Center acts as office and production headquarters for projects including:

  • BVU Lakeweed
  • BVU Ezzy’s Crafts Center
  • BVU Banana Paper
  • BVU Products and Services
  • BVU Bed and Breakfast
  • BVU Propagations
  • BVU Bamboo Safaris
  • BVU Clothes
  • BVU Cookstoves


Trainees at the Start-up Academy who successfully complete their training are offered employment in one of the BVU projects.


Here is a selection of the products on show at the BVU Concept Center.

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