In a few months, Bamboo Village Uganda will start the construction of the second Bamboo Children’s house. But before we can start, we need your help!

Coronacrisis in Uganda

This Ecohouse will be the second bamboo house built by Bamboo Village Uganda, and will be the home of 12 children of the Nodrine family in Entebbe. But unfortunately, we aren’t there yet. Because the corona crisis also hit Uganda hard. Partly because of that, we are still 7000 euros short for the construction of the second Children’s house. Without that money, the construction will have to be postponed. And that means no steady and safe home for these children, which is extra important in times like these.

The prospects

If everything goes according to plan, we will start prefabricating the parts of the house in December. The construction of the house itself will start in February and is expected to take approximately 10 weeks. Below, you can see a couple of photo’s of our first bamboo house and design drawings of the second bamboo house, to give you an impression of what the house will look like!

How can you sponsor the construction of the Children’s house?

Via the donation button below you can donate something to sponsor the construction of the Children’s house. You can decide for yourself how much you would like to donate. Of course, we will keep you up to date with the entire project.

Thank you, on behalf of Bamboo Village Uganda and the Nodrine family!